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Race Hate Victims
in Knowsley

What is Racial Harassment and Abuse?
Racial harassment or abuse can be verbal or physical aggression towards individuals or groups because of their colour, race, nationality  or ethnic or national origin. It also includes attacks on property as well as people.


Examples of Racial Harassment and Abuse are:



Free Training & Workshops

We offer free training and workshops to young people in schools or college. These focus on the nature and impact of race hate crime and the long term damage and harm that it causes. We also run workshops for staff n in the private, voluntary and public sectors and fees for these can be negotiated.



Youth Offending Team

We are also working with the Youth Offending Team in Knowsley to provide some input into their restorative justice practice with young offenders, in the hope that they will come to realise the great distress they have caused to other people.



How we could help you:

KEMS exists to provide support and advice to people who have suffered racial harassment in the Knowsley area.

One of the key things the group can do is listen to your experiences and understand them because some of our members have had similar experiences.

We can also work together to try to ensure that the agencies who are responsible for our safety and well being are listening to us and taking the right actions.